Running Programs

SeaTurtle programs are just text files that can be opened in any text editor. When you load a SeaTurtle program and click the button in the toolbar labeled "Play," your SeaTurtle source code is interpretted and the turtle is made to move based on its interpretation. If there are any errors in your program, the first error encountered will be highlighted in source code window after you click "Play."

SeaTurtle programs can be paused while running. After you click "Play," the "Play" button will turn into a "Pause" button. Paused programs can be resumed. It is possible for SeaTurtle to sometimes get into a problematic state due to program errors. If this happends tap the "Reset" button in the toolbar. It will not change your source code but it will reset the running of the program back to its beginning.

Stepping through Programs

An alternative to the "Play" button is the "Step" button in the toolbar. It will run your program one step at a time, highlighting each line of the program that it's executing in the source code window as it runs. Each click of the "Step" button will result in one more line of the program being executed. If you want to switch from stepping to playing the program automatically, first click the "Reset" button to go back to the beginning and then click the "Play" button.

Changing Program Timing

The "Interval" drop down menu in the toolbar lets you select how long each step of your program will take to execute in seconds. The default value is half a second. You may want to decrease this interval for programs with many steps.