Examining Variables and Output

The main purpose of SeaTurtle programs is to make drawings with the turtle, but there are two other ways to inspect the execution of your program. Both are floating windows that can be summoned through buttons in the toolbar

The Variables window can be brought up by clicking the "Variables" button in the toolbar. The Variables window contains a simple table showing the variables that have been declared so far in your program and their current values. The values are constantly updated as your program is run. If you leave the program open it will show you how the variables progress as your program executes. You can also pause your program at any time to get a snapshot of the current variables.

The Log Output window can be brought up by clicking the "Log Output" button in the toolbar. The Log Output window shows the results of the print statements in your program. Note that the log output window will be erased the next time your program is run. You can copy and paste the output from it if you want the data permanently.