Animated GIFs and Printing

There are four ways to share the beautiful drawings you make with SeaTurtle: Animated GIFs, Printing to Paper, Exporting to Image, and Screenshots.

Exporting Animated GIFs

Animated GIF is a popular format for sharing animations on the Internet. To export your SeaTurtle program to an Animated GIF, click the "Animated GIF" button in the toolbar. A sheet will pop down with options for how many times you want the animated GIF to loop and how long you want the delay to be between each frame. Each drawing action in your program will be one frame in the resulting Animated GIF. When you click the "Export" button a progress bar will show how long is left in the export operation while another window will show the animated GIF being generated.

Note that programs with many steps will lead to very large GIF files. Animated GIF is a format most suitable for short SeaTurtle programs. Animated GIF is the only export option at the present time for SeaTurtle "videos." All of the other options here are for static images of a single frame of a SeaTurtle program.

Printing to Paper

Select the "Print" command from the toolbar or the File menu to print to paper. A standard macOS print dialog will come up after you select if you want to print the source code or the turtle graphics.

Exporting to Image

You can export a single frame of a SeaTurtle program by selecting the "Export" button in the toolbar. You can choose between the formats PNG, JPG, and GIF.


You can take a screenshot saved as a PNG of any part of a SeaTurtle program using macOS's standard screenshot utility which can be accessed with the key combination Command-Shift-4. Then just drag a box out over the area you want a screenshot of. A PNG will be saved to your desktop.