Comments & Style

SeaTurtle comments are text within the source code of a SeaTurtle program that is not meant to be interpretted. It can literally be anything, but it is best reserved for explanatory words about a program. Anything that comes after a semicolon(;) on a line in a SeaTurtle program will be interpretted as a comment. For example, the following program has three comments:

; A program to draw a line
SET length 100 ; How long the line should be
FORWARD length ; Actually draw the line

It is good style to use comments in any part of a program that is non-obvious. Comments will make your program easier to read by others that you share it with, but they will also make your program easier to read by you when you come back to it at a later date. There is really no downside to using comments. They are simply ignored by SeaTurtle when your program is run.

Here are some other style suggestions:

Of course you don't need to follow any of these style conventions. They are just suggestions. Every programming language has its own style, and so does every programmer.