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Restaurants is a Mac app for quickly and powerfully searching through Yelp's restaurant directory. Get the App

Top Features

Fast and Responsive

As a native app, unlike with web interfaces, Restaurants responds to every search, every sort, and every click instantly.

Integrated with your Mac

With one click call a restaurant on your iPhone, get directions to it in Maps, or share it with your macOS linked social accounts.

Powered by Yelp*

Restaurants uses the Yelp API to deliver your results. That means Restaurants uses the most up-to-date and complete directory available.




  1. How does Restaurants determine my location?
  2. Restaurants uses the Core Location framework built-in to macOS. If this doesn't work for you, you may need to enable Location Services for Restaurants in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy. You can also type in a location like "03755" or "745 7th Ave, New York, NY" into the Location box in Restaurants.
  3. Why don't I see a specific restaurant I'm interested in?
  4. It's possible that the restaurant you're looking for isn't in the Yelp directory. However, it's more likely that due to the Yelp API's 50 result limit per search, your search criteria is too broad. Try doing a more specific search by adding keywords, choosing a category, or changing the search radius.
  5. How are the services I can share a restaurant with determined?
  6. Restaurants uses the standard macOS share dialog. Any social accounts you added in System Preferences -> Internet Accounts that support sharing text and URLs should appear.
  7. Is there an Android, iOS, or Windows version?
  8. No, but on iOS the official Yelp app is excellent.
  9. Are my searches private?
  10. Your searches are transmitted to Yelp via the Yelp API. In addition, Restaurants maintains a menu of recent searches within the app, which you can clear at any time. Just click the downward facing disclosure triangle in the Search box (next to the magnifying glass) to reveal the recent searches menu and select "Clear."
  11. What do the 📦, 🥡, and 📆 symbols mean?
  12. These symbols indicate services a restaurant provides. In the Services column, if a restaurant has a 📦 icon it means it delivers. If it has the 🥡 symbol, it provides takeout. Finally, restaurants with the 📆 symbol offer reservations.
  13. Why does Restaurants only show 3 photos and 3 reviews per restaurant?
  14. Unfortunately, Yelp limits third-party clients of its API (like Restaurants) to just 3 photos and 3 review snippets of 160 characters each per business. You can double-click a review to see the rest of it in your web browser, or click "Read More Reviews" to see all of the restaurant's reviews on Yelp.

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