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Chess for the Big Screen

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Top Features

Play Chess

Play chess against an expert strength chess computer or play your friend using a single remote.

Solve Chess Puzzles

Solve hundreds of bundled chess puzzles from famous chess books and tests.

Good for Beginners

Legal move indicators, three levels of play, undo/redo, and side by side notation helps beginners learn the game.




  1. How strong is the engine in Chess TV?
  2. Chess TV! utilizes the Mister Queen chess engine which in testing has roughly expert level (ELO 2000) play. It scores 13/25 on the Bratko-Kopec test. In other words, it's strong enough to beat 99% of casual players and most players below master strength.
  3. How do the three levels of difficulty differ?
  4. The three levels differ by how much time the computer can take to think about a position. In low it's 4 seconds, middle 8 seconds, and high 16 seconds.
  5. How do I know if I solved a puzzle?
  6. A check mark and the right answer in chess notation appears next to the position title in the move list on the left.
  7. Can I turn off the sound effects?
  8. Just mute your TV.
  9. Is there an iOS version?
  10. No, but you should consider the app Test Your Chess if you want to do chess puzzles and evaluate your chess playing ability on your iPhone.
  11. Chess TV! doesn't include X feature!?
  12. Chess TV! is young and was built quickly to coincide with the launch of the Apple TV. If you have a great feature idea, please send it in at the email below. We plan to offer customization of colors and pieces in a near future release. We'd also like to allow you to export your games in PGN format over email.

Thanks for using Chess TV! Tell your friends, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Email Us: chesstv@oaksnow.com